6-Axis High Vacuum Precision Drive Stage

Electro-Magnetic Assembly

Electro Mechanical Assembly Of A 6 Axis High Vacuum Precision Drive Stage For The Semiconductor Industry

Alpine Precision manufactured this sophisticated, technologically-advanced stage from an OEM’s rigorous specifications. This 6 axis drive stage is manufactured in serial production for use in semiconductor defect analysis.  The manufacture of this stage required the incorporation and working knowledge of optical sensors and mechanical switches; high vacuum compatible components, wires, and lubrication; high vacuum material preparation and testing; high precision linear rails, bearings and ball screw assemblies; high performance stepper motors and drives; as well as a number of other best practice considerations associated with performing under high vacuum and high precision positioning. Additionally all custom mechanical components were CNC machined at Alpine Precision.

Custom control plans were developed to ensure compliance with our customer’s specifications as well as domestic and international standards.  Manufacturing process plans were designed to ensure consistency between builds and copy exact compliance.  Critical attention was paid to ensure cosmetically pleasing appearance of finished unit.

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Project Highlights

Product Description

High Vacuum, rapid exchange autoloader

Electro Mechanical Assembly Capabilities Applied/Processes

Precision Electro Mechanical Assembly

CNC Machining
Electronics Integration
Vacuum Preparation and Testing

Material Used

Various Precision Drive Components
Vacuum compatible lubricants
Precision machined components
PC board assemblies
Vacuum compatible Cabling and wiring
Optical and mechanical switches and sensors
Vacuum compatible stepper motors
Vacuum valves and pumps

Material Finish

Nickel Plated

In process testing/inspection performed

Custom Control Plan
Helium Leak check to 10-7

Industry for Use

SEM/FIB, Semiconductor Application


Serial Production

Delivery Location


Product Name